| APRIL 2016 |

Arthur Duff: “Gorged On Pebbles” | Atelier Les Copains

04 | 08 | 2016

ARTHUR DUFF, among the first artists to work with the laser, he developed the concept of light as a narrative device. In his interpretation, the beam is part of an ongoing and changing process of life capable to absorb light itself and consequently to define a sculptural complex space suspended between the physical and the virtual.

His research evolves like a journey into the future where matter, devoid of the human component, assumes primordialfeatures. Then, the only human signal becomes the connective bright that translates a spatialized language.

The spaces of Les Copains ATELIER will host two masterpieces from the Black Stars collection: two tapestries whose texture recalls the idea of space conceived as a place of attraction of elements. The ropes are the objects that the artist uses to translate his artistic idea from the semantic level to the physical one.

Furthermore, another handiwork named "No Plot 2016" will be exposed in the windows of Les Copains boutique in Via della Spiga, Milan. It is a lava stone sculpture with neon and stainless steel inserts. The stone, a primordial element, symbolizes life whose energy spreads in contemporary times through the light source of neon.

ARTHUR DUFF was born from american parents in 1973 at Wiesbaden and grew on in the liveliest intellectual circles of the major international metropolies. He is keen on aesthetic linked to the concepts of quantum physics and chose to settle his base in Vicenza (Italy).

ATELIER LES COPAINS is a multidisciplinary space that wants to act as call and echo for the artistic and cultural contemporary reality. It is a place dedicated to the most innovative art trends. 150 square meters of exhibition space in via Manzoni 21, a lab where is possible to compare experiences, value creativity, elaborate artistic projects, organize events, promote new synergies and collaborations with artists, gallerists, art critics and collectors.

| MARCH 2016 |

Contest | Keep A Cool Head with Doria 1905 and TrendForTrend

03 | 30 | 2016

Life is like a rollercoaster of feelings; it's going up and down, with some real sharp curves and crazy loopings.

It can be very stressful and sometimes we think we can't cope with a difficult task, but though we can.

We should never give up being self-confident, believing in ourselves and KEEPING A COOL HEAD!


And what makes us look more conscious then a nice hat?
So, why not wearing a DORIA 1905 hat the next time life get stressful and look gorgeous while mastering your life!


with #Doria1905 hat & #TrendForTrend

We are gifting 20 hats from DORIA 1905 Spring/Summer Collection 2016 to 20 unique persons for their everyday life situations to keep a cool head

How can I get one? JOIN THE CONTEST

Everything you need to do is to SIGN UP at TrendForTrend.com, CREATE a moodboard/carousel with your most favourite hat from the DORIA 1905 SS 16 Collection and show us how you would combine the hat.
To participate save the moodboard and publish it on the web magazine or blog with which you registered.
Don't forget to use the html code, a crucial requisite to enter the T4T COMMUNITY CONTEST.
Then SHARE it  on your Instagram account or Facebook account. hashtag: #KeepingACoolHead.


- Running from 30.03.2016 till 13.04.2016 -


By participating in the Contest, you (hereinafter: "you" or the "Entrant") agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

The Contest is being administered by TrendForTrend S.r.l. ( T4T)


Log-in or register at www.TrendForTrend.com

Create a moodboard in the private "CREATE" area, including at least one still life image including a hat from Doria1905 Spring/Summer Season 2016 – found on the TrendForTrend website –

Save the moodboard and publish it on the web magazine or blog with which you registered. Don't forget to use the html code, a crucial requisite to enter the T4T community contest

Then publish the moodboard on your instagram account or facebook account and assign it with the hashtag #KeepingACoolHead


A prize will be awarded to the blogger and/or web editor who is chosen by chance

On or around 13.04.2016, up to twenty winning entries, will be selected

Winners will be notified by email by 13.04.2016 and their names will be published at the end of the contest period on Facebook, and in TrendForTrend-Journal.com

The Entrant represents and warrants that he or she has the full legal capacity and right to agree to these terms and conditions and to participate in the Contest.

TrendForTrend shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, in connection with the Entrant's participation in the Contest, or the results of the Contest, including any irregularities, which may occur in terms of the selection process for winning entries.

TrendForTrend assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, destroyed or otherwise indecipherable entries.

The Entrant hereby agrees to release TrendForTrend, its directors, employees, officers, agents and affiliates from any and all liability, loss or damages arising from or in connection with the Contest, including, without limitation, the awarding, receipt, and/or use or misuse of any prize awarded hereunder.

You irrevocably agree that TrendForTrend may feature your entry on any of its websites, blogs, newsletters or any other type of publication, general distribution or social media, including any of the foregoing which are run or operated by TrendForTrend's  affiliates, partners, or any other third party, and in any other advertising or promotional materials, without compensation payable to you.

TrendForTrend may make derivative works using your entry and may otherwise modify your entry. You will not hold TrendForTrend liable in connection with the use, distribution or modification of your entry.

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In order to claim a prize, the prize must be claimed within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 90 days from the prize award date, unless agreed to otherwise by T4T in its sole and absolute discretion.

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T4T reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify the Contest at any time, subject to applicable law, if it determines that for any reason the Contest cannot be run as originally planned.





Stella McCartney unveils her new fragrance POP

03 | 11 | 2016


A celebration of individuality, authenticity and adventure, Summer 2016 sees the launch of a new Stella McCartney fragrance, POP. In the moment, bold, and irreverent, POP is the scent of a new generation, who are coming into their own, true to themselves and are about to POP.  


It's Stella's philosophy that fragrance and cosmetics should enhance each woman's unique, inner beauty, not distract or overpower it. POP celebrates a grounded approach to beauty and luxury that pushes the boundaries. This trailblazing attitude is rooted in authenticity and individuality; it's a liberation from a one-size-fits-all mould.


POP is bright, modern and irreverent. A unique scent, it combines the vibrant floralcy of tuberose with sandalwood, echoing the multi-faceted character of the new generation of Stella McCartney icons. POP reinterprets tuberose, chosen for its iconic bold scent, by emphasizing its brighter, crisper, solar floralcy. This newfound vibrancy is balanced with sandalwood; the unexpected combination of the floral and woody notes resulting in an undeniably feminine scent that makes a statement without being overwhelming. In the house's continued efforts to find sustainable alternatives to traditional processes, bio-mimicry technology was used in the POP fragrance creation. In comparison to the oil created from processed flowers, the bio-mimicry oil obtained from focusing on the blooming stage of the flower offers a more luminous scent quality, giving POP an unmistakable vibrancy and brightness. Tuberose buds, despite their strong fragrant properties, have a very low oil yield - it takes 3,600 flowers for each gram of absolute oil. Sandalwood, which takes 25 years to reach harvest, has been such in high demand for its oil that it's now an endangered species. Biomimicry technology prevents the use of resource-intensive processes to extract oil from tuberose flowers, and saves one sandalwood tree for every 2,500 bottles of fragrance produced.  


Inspired by the fragrance's bold yet balanced attitude, the bottle and cap are combined together into one unexpected arrangement of minimalist shapes. The fragrance bottle is an inverted version of the faceted STELLA bottle, a subtle nod to POP's subversion of tradition. The cap, directly inspired by the signature Stella McCartney medallion, strikes a bold note in explosive metallic pink. An innovative integrated spray button on the top of the cap is functional whilst adding a wink of playfulness. Innovative technology was also used to minimize the environmental impact of the packaging. The companion shower gel and body lotion come with 100% recycled plastic tubes, and The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies all of the collection's boxes, a guarantee they have originated from sustainably managed forests.  


is about a mindset rather than an individual woman. This is echoed in the campaign and video, which capture the free spirited attitude of the young women who wear it. A celebration of friendship and doing things your own way, the campaign stars four creative talents: musician Grimes (a.k.a Claire Boucher), actress and campaigner Amandla Stenberg, animal activist Kenya Kinski Jones and performing artist Lola Leon. Strong on their own, but even stronger together, the girls represent today's new generation of determined women, and embody a modern liberated approach to beauty. Both campaign and video were shot in the California desert and follow the four POP muses on a road trip as they embrace their freedom, throw caution to the wind and set off on an adventure. This journey isn't just literal – these girls are on the verge of big things, about to take on the world and become the women they want to be; these girls are about to POP.

They are each in the driving seats of their own lives. Strong-willed, free-spirited, and independent-minded, they're strengthened by their togetherness. "Stella spoke a lot about doing something opposite of what fragrance ads have been in the past. That interested me because I love breaking the status quo," explains the Grammy Award-winning director of the campaign video, Melina Matsoukas. An energetic storyteller who's helmed videos for Beyoncé and Rihanna, Matsoukas heads up an all-woman team. The result is a film that captures the energy of the POP generation, echoes the authentic, relaxed approach to beauty championed by Stella and disregards the tried-and-tested formula of traditional fragrance films.

Stella McCartney comments "POP is a spirit. It is about capturing and celebrating that very special and exciting time when you are finding yourself and coming into your own. It is about freedom, and starting your life away from judgments or labels. Together as one, these strong young women are a force to be reckoned with." Legendary photographer Glen Luchford, renowned for his dramatic photography captured the attitude of four talents coming together. A previous collaborator of the brand, Luchford also worked with and photographed Stella McCartney's mother, Linda Eastman.


03 | 02 | 2016

Style evolution from international spring summer runaways. Sweatshirt is the It-factor.

The direction? Women power gets décontracté: mannish hoodies and embellished sweater are new staple for a seasonal cool dailywear. Rapper it girl, from Rihanna to Iggy Azalea, open up the field along with top fashion griffe, like MSGM or Alexander Wang.

Nothing too much sporty is left: the mood is funny gangsta girl. Full skirt, black leather, fringes and a touch of metallic sounds are ideal matches. Not only a wardrobe which combine comfort and practicality, it'a new brand day for a stylish urban attitude. 

Have a look to our gallery and get inspired. http://goo.gl/ccgrfd

| FEBRUARY 2016 |

Stella McCartney launches her first Swimwear Collection for Autumn Winter 2016

02 | 22 | 2016

London, February 2016. Stella McCartney launches her first swimwear collection combining the designer's naturally feminine, naturally confident and modern design sensibility without compromising on functionality and fit. The new swim styles reflect Stella's signature silhouettes and colour palette, along with prints and details from her ready-to-wear collection.

Stella McCartney comments: "This collection is really inspired by all types of women and I want this swimwear collection to encourage women to feel confident, comfortable and incredible about themselves and in what they are wearing."

In addition to bikinis and one pieces, the collection also includes swim apparel and accessories, such as rashguards in long and cropped versions, as well as sustainable beach totes made in Kenya.

The Stella McCartney Swim Collection is a new category in addition to the brand's existing long term partnership with Bendon, one of the world's leading intimate apparel companies that also manufactures and distributes the Stella McCartney Lingerie Collection.

The collection is available from July 2016 in Stella McCartney boutiques and online at stellamccartney.com. Additionally the collection will be stocked at select department and specialty stores.

Pretty in python

02 | 22 | 2016

Choose your second skin, from head to toe. Exotic leather like python takes a bite as this season's Must-Have City Trend.

Voilà mademoiselle "Serpentine". She loves standing out with its glossy and wild textures.

Dresses snake-like, alligator patchwork skirts, python leather jacket or top appear on the Fendi and Gucci s/s 2016 fashion show, among others. While a large a amounts of summer collections prove that snakeskin can re-vamp almost every look. When it comes to a catchy elegance, new ladylike species - from dresses to sunglasses, purses, sandals and décolletées - is coming soon.

Have a look to our "Serpentine" gallery from TrendForTrend http://bit.ly/1RicCwi

Jaden Smith is new face of Louis Vuitton Campaign SS 2016

02 | 03 | 2016

After runways and street style trends, gender neutral flair is getting the mainstream in new fashion advertising campaigns. The teenage son of Hollywood stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith was revealed as the star of the new campaign spring/summer 2016 by Louis Vuitton's creative director Nicholas Ghesquiere on Instagram.

In the press release from Louis Vuitton, Ghesquière said he chose Smith because «he represents a generation that has assimilated the codes of true freedom, one that is free of manifestos and questions about gender. Wearing a skirt comes as naturally to him as it would to a woman who, long time ago, granted herself permission to wear a man's trench or a tuxedo».

Jaden follows in the footsteps of her younger sister Willow, who last season was chosen among the faces of the campaign by Marc Jacob.

(pictures from Instagram Louis Vuitton)


02 | 03 | 2016

Stars against stripes. The winner is the new crazy flag style. It's all about a clash of patterns, details, and prints looking at runways for springtime 2016.

The goal isn't to emulate the flag, stripe by stripe, star by star. The challenge is to integrate all at once. It's the chicer flag way according fashion designer, like Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Max Mara. Feel free to mix up: it's definitely one of summer's most versatile trends.

Get in the American patriotic spirit with our special gallery. http://bit.ly/1mclB74

Roma is celebrating Haute Couture

02 | 01 | 2016

Roma caput fashion. Great success for the latest edition of Altaroma (which took place few days ago). Twenty fashion shows and 14 presentations between runways and special events (organized mostly in the spaces of the former Customs San Lorenzo) animated the entire capital.

Exhibitions, performances, research and protection of craftsmanship made in Italy were the fundamental ingredients of AltaRoma Fashion Week. Besides the historical names as Raffaella Curiel, Renato Balestra and Gattinoni, the most waited defilè was the youth project Altaroma and Who is on Next which launched its emerging brand like Greta Boldini.

The spotlight is finally on A.I. Artisanal Intelligence, project, signed by Clara Tosi Pamphili and Alessio de Navasques, whose thematic exhibition, entitled Body for the dress, was inspired this year from the dialogue between the body and clothes.

| JANUARY 2016 |

Rose and Blue Serenity for 2016!

01 | 25 | 2016

A softer take of color palette for spring/summer 2016 is coming soon. The free combination of Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity is the new chromatic trend launched worldwide by the authority Pantone.

These soft nuances have been already welcomed by fashion, fulfilling our yearning for reassurance and security. In new womenswear collections, a pretty dose of soft nuances range from baby blue to pink pale, giving a light allure to the whole look, from head to toe.

Textures help, naturally: silk, organza, cotton, chambray, but also high tech materials, matching perfectly with this new tenderness mood. So, no more flashes in our style. Fashion designers recommend this trend, first of all "King" Giorgio Armani.

Relaxing our daily wardrobe is as matter of elegance too.

Here our rose&blu fashion gallery from spring 2016 fashion collections. http://bit.ly/1S6jmka

Tulle, a state of mind

01 | 18 | 2016

Not only a trend: it's a fashion feeling. The feminine, princess-like fabric keeps on hitting the streets and collections in a stylish way. You call it "totally tulle" appeal.

From legend actress Grace Kelly to new springtime 2016 womenswear, tutù-dress is the always on the fashion stage, like the étoile all of us are in love with. Its rétro-look is something really cool to allow ourselves in no-seasonal wardrobe, like most international designer is proving in their creations. When it comes to charme, it'll always time to indulge to it.

Have a look to our light stylish gallery, from winter to summer. http://bit.ly/1RvJioN

Denim zone

01 | 11 | 2016

From winter hot basic to midseason statement, denim is refreshed with a couture feel and lightweight fabrics. Are you feeling in blue?

Warm-weather denim is nothing new, but that didn't stop many designers from showing it in their spring 2016 collections, in a real surprising way. It's a "jeans reloaded" theme. Classic shapes like skirts, jackets or overall (the must for upcoming months), are updated with a directional play on surface design. Blue and almost blue texture is transformed into standout pieces for the womenswear and daily outfits, also thanks to lightweight effect.

And… more is coming! For those who love mixing street with couture, the most favorite fashion material is recycled and customized with sequins, patches, feathers and embroidery. So, no reason to wait.

The New blue generation is coming in our wardrobe: check-out our denim gallery for spring summer 2016. http://bit.ly/1PSaRp7

Almost naked: Stuart Weitzman campaign by Mario Testino for SS 2016

01 | 11 | 2016

Nothing more… but shoes! Super models and trendsetters Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls and Lily Aldridge starring, all togheter for the fist time, in the new advertising campaign for spring/summer 2016.

Shotted by the famous fashion photographer Mario Testino, amazing images are in black and white and features three testimonials, like next-door girls and friends. Created to represent the intimate relation between women and their shoes, the new expected Adv is going to relaunch "Nearly nude", the updated summer version of the iconic high-heel sandal "Nudist", all over the world. Meanwhile, have a look to Stuart Weitzman creations from TrendforTrend platform.

Image Mario Testino ph. Courtesy Stuart Weitzman press office.

Pitti Generation(S) in Florence

01 | 08 | 2016

There are only few days left to the first never-missing fashion rendez-vous of 2016: Pitti Immagine Uomo 89.

Taking place from 12 to 15 January 2016, the international italian fair is entitled Pitti Generation(s), a slogan-theme that will talk about the simultaneous "coexistence" of different generations in today's fashions and styles. Pitti Generation(s) will take an ironic and lighthearted look at an era in which age is more a state of mind than a date on a birth certificate, with mature men wearing jeans and t-shirts and youngsters sporting Victorian bears and with a passion for vintage looks. It will be a plunge into new styles and new "ways of life".

A rich calendar of special events and sections is going to take place like every season. Among the most waited projects and stages go-to, the show of Juun, menswear guest designer, Marco de Vincenzo, women's wear guest designer, the section, Generation Africa (made in Africa talents), the New Makers, area dedicated to creative interpretations of traditions and the face-off between craft workmanship and the most diverse materials, the new sportswear concentrated in the area I Play. Another highlight: the international Woolmark Prize is going to be held in Florence for the first time.

With 1.205 brands/collections (44% of the total from abroad) and 226 new names, Pitti Uomo confirms itself as a huge fashion hub and as an international platform for menswear and fashion market in general. 
(Florence, Fortezza da Basso, 12-15 January 2016, info www.pittimmagine.com).