Licensing information
General licence condition for image right

This License Agreement ("Agreement") is in force between the User and TrendForTrend S.r.l., tax code/VAT no. 06675760968 and registration no. MI 1906896 with the Register of Companies, in the person of its pro-tempore legal representative, registered office at Piazza Principessa Clotilde 4B 20121, Milan - Italy ("TrendForTrend").The Agreement applies, without any limitation, to the websites currently reachable at the following URL: [], and/or to any image delivered on-line or through any storage media.The User's acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Agreement is necessary for access and use of any image purchased from TrendForTrend.If the User does not accept the following terms and conditions he shall not be authorised to download or use any image.


1. – Definitions

"Purchase" shall mean the selection for download from the TrendForTrend websites, by the User (subject to the latter's subscription to the Service), of each Image, or packet of Images, with no consideration.

"Images" shall mean animations, clipart, composites, digital footage, digital video, film footage, fonts, graphics, illustrations, images, motion sequences, photographs or any other visual representation regardless of whether the images have been obtained by download from any TrendForTrend Web site, delivered via any storage media (CD-rom, DVD, etc.) that exists at present or may exist in the future, or obtained from a TrendForTrend authorised distributor, together with all accompanying metadata and other material.

"Service"shall mean the Image download service provided by TrendForTrend and subscribed by the User at the time of purchase of the Credit, which allows the User to be able to download the Images from the TrendForTrend website/s following a Purchase.

"User"shall mean the individual, legal entity or agent entering into this Agreement or any employee or contractor of such party that edits, manipulates or modifies the Images or is otherwise directly involved in the creative process including, but not limited to, photo editors, photo researchers, photographers, art directors or designers. All Users shall only use the Images in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.